I Am Beautiful

I don’t have a daughter, I have two sons. But, I am a daughter and I wish I had more women in my life who thought they were beautiful.  I wonder if it would have made loving myself easier? The blog post below from Offbeat Mama is so beautiful, I had to share it. It is raw and honest and it resonates with my core. I have to add that it’s not only important to love yourself for your daughters but also for your sons. I want my sons to know that all women are beautiful, imperfections and all.

courtesy of Offbeat Mama

I’ve started telling my girls that I think I’m beautiful. It’s been so easy to tell them how beautiful THEY are, because it’s obvious. They are the thing beauty is made of. They are the reason we started worshipping beauty. They sparkle and dance. When they’re sleeping, they turn into soft cloud babies, little perfect tufts of white on the moonlight. read more

One thought on “I Am Beautiful

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I SO agree that it’s important to tell your sons that you are beautiful. I only have girls, so the mother and son aspect of this didn’t really hit me until mommies of boys started responding to the piece. You are SO TOTALLY beautiful and a wonderful mama. ❤

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