You Are Not A Number

You are not the number on that scale.  You are not that size in your jeans.  You are more than your body.  Period.

Think about it- yesterday you had a pretty good day.  You led your normal life and followed your normal routine.  You may have went to work, school or cared for your children.  The day had its normal highs and lows but overall you felt good about yourself and the tasks you achieved.

Today, however, you decide to weigh yourself before starting your day.   The number is not what you had hoped for.  You immediately start to hate yourself.  You feel like hiding.   Today is ruined.

Nothing is different about today than yesterday.  You have the same day planned today as you did yesterday.  You still have to go to work, school or care for your children.  Your day will likely have the same highs and lows as yesterday.  However, today you hate yourself.  You did nothing to justify this self-hate except step on that scale.

What’s different today compared to yesterday is how you FEEL about yourself.  What’s different is that today, your worth as a person is linked to those numbers on that scale.  You all of a sudden tell yourself, “I’m worthless,” “I’m a terrible mother,” “I’m inadequate at my job,” “no one likes me.”  The negative self-talk spirals and the person you were yesterday is gone.  Today,  you feel hopeless and not good enough.

The variable here is the fact that you weighed yourself  today.  You allow your self-worth to be tied in with what this number says.   Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that the mood of your day can be pre-determined by a stupid number?

Years ago I realized that the scale is not my judge.  I no longer wanted to be controlled by a device that doesn’t know me.   I decided to throw it out and focus on how I feel as a person.   I was tired of riding the roller coaster of feeling good one day and then the next feeling terrible.  I decided to focus on my strengths and find value in how I show up in the world with people.  My relationships with people and the work I achieved became more important than my weight.  Here are 8 things that can help you move away from the number game.

    • Take a break from your scale.
    • Make a list of your strengths.
    • Stop trying to be perfect.
    • Don’t compare yourself to others.
    • Be aware of negative self-talk.
    • Practice self-care by doing something nice for yourself each day.
    • Focus on your relationships with people.
    • Be grateful.

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