Eating Disorder and Wellness Therapy

it is going to be okayIt takes tremendous courage to seek out therapy and I commend you for taking this first step towards your health. Choosing a therapist can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. Unfortunately our culture still sends a message that needing help from a therapist is a sign of weakness or a lack of character. I disagree. I believe that people who seek out therapy are truly courageous, dynamic individuals wanting change in their life. Many of us already have the answers inside of us but need help and support in trusting our inner wisdom. Therapy can provide a safe space for this process to occur.

I often tell clients that shopping for a therapist is like shopping for a good pair of shoes. The therapist must be a good fit, make you feel comfortable and hold a strong foundation for you to grow. Due to this, I offer a a free initial consultation for all new clients.

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