Family and Couples Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy Denver, COSome of the most powerful personal growth and healing happens in relationships.  Issues such as communication, addiction, infidelity, anger, abuse, illness, finances, and sex can contribute to distress in a relationship. Therapy can help rebuild your relationship. Every relationship can be a mirror in which we have an opportunity to see our true reflection. We are confronted with the parts of ourselves that we have been unconscious to or may have even been in denial about. In couples and family therapy, we are able to identify our insecurities, our fears, and our greatest needs. We may start to see repeating patterns in our relationships and can begin to explore when and why these were formed early on in life. Relationships awaken us to what we haven’t wanted to confront before and by becoming more self-aware and conscious, we can begin to have more connected, honest, and intimate relationships with others.

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